2021 Ferrari 488 GT3 Release Date, Review, Interior

2021 Ferrari 488 GT3 Release Date, Review, Interior – The lineup of Ferrari has this unique trait of sluggish but regular growth by each year that arrives by. It will quickly become as diverse as other volume brands, a minimum of in terms of body design and styling, as well as the sophisticated powertrain technology. Nevertheless, it is a pity to mention 2021 Ferrari 488 GT3 is likely won’t be integrated in upgraded lineup subsequent year, so the latest version of this model will still be the 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista and Pista Spider.

2021 Ferrari 488 GT3 Design and Concept

Usually, specialists will say 2021 Ferrari 488 coupe version has much better money value than the convertible one. For example, although the coupe model of Pista is cheaper, it already has embellished exterior. The checklist of features is fairly extended with regular wing spoiler, auto projector-beam LED headlights, sill extension telegraph. The common exterior utilities include LED taillights, rain-intuitive windshield wipers, power folding side-view mirror, and rear fog lamps.

Ferrari 488 Gt3 Evo 2020 - 2021 Review, Photos, Exhibition, Exterior And  Interior
Ferrari 488 Gt3 Evo 2020 – 2021 Review, Photos, Exhibition, Exterior And Interior

488 is a two-seater car variant. Inside, the cabin is fairly roomy, each passengers can get more space than the common magnificent car can afford. The interior attributes are designed in performance theme, assuming from the assertive sheet-metal look. The cargo space, as it is common for the 488’s car segment, is not that much. Nevertheless, it is nonetheless in a position to provide six cubic feet space to shop your possessions.

The checklist of optional utilities isn’t less longer. There is an ample chance to create 2021 Ferrari 488 GT3 feels like uniquely yours. There is an array selection of upholstery. The exterior part can also be upgraded by utilizing painted brake calipers or ceramic exhaust pipes choices.

2021 Ferrari 488 GT3 Engine and Performance

There are three road-friendly variations of 2021 Ferrari 488 GT3, although the manufacturer has determined to cut it down into two variations only last year. Those are 488 Spider, 488 Pista, and 488 Pista Spider.

2020 Ferrari 488 Challenge Makes Debut
2020 Ferrari 488 Challenge Makes Debut

The Spider is powered by the comparable drivetrain as the 488’s motorsport GTB. It has 3.9-l twin turbocharged V8 engine. It is about 22 lb lighter than its predecessor 458 Spider, but 110 lb heavier than its coupé brother. The greatest pace is estimated to become slightly reduce than 202 mph with 0-62 mph acceleration only at 3 seconds.

The Pista on the other hand, is the variant with numerous exterior and mechanical updates from The Spider. The figures of modifications make it able to provide much better optimum pace at 211 mph, much better acceleration with 0-62 mph only at 2.85 seconds.

Ferrari Unveils 488 Gt3 Evo 2020 - Thaiautonews
Ferrari Unveils 488 Gt3 Evo 2020 – Thaiautonews

The latest edition is the weight-saving 488 Pista Spider. It is approximately 88 lb lighter than 488 Spider. Regardless of that, it is able to produce 49 horsepower more. Its body frame has obtained much better modifications, with 20% greater efficiency in phrases of aerodynamic.

2021 Ferrari 488 GT3 Price and Release Date

The trim level that you choose will determine 2021 Ferrari 488’s price range. Each models on the final produced year began at $331,000 at the coupe edition. Of course, the convertible edition would require much more. The arrival date is however to become introduced.

2021 Ferrari 488 GT3 Color Options

  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue